EXTRUDED SPECIAL PROFILES EXTRUDINGSKILL is able to produce profiles accordingly to drawings, pipe and sheets in thermoplastic material for different industrial sectors. POLYURETHANE ROUND BELT EXTRUDINGSKILL produces a wide range of transmission and conveyor belts with high performance and resistance to high temperature, oils, dust and abrasion. SIDEWALLS FOR CONVEYOR BELTS Extrudingskill produces sidewalls in many different special compound that offer flexibility, memories, and resistance to abrasion and oils. CLEATS FOR CONVEYOR BELTS Since many years EXTRUDINGSKILL produces cleats in PU and PVC perfectly compatible with the conveyor belts for food industry and others. ROLLER COVERING Specifically for ceramic industry where it has wide application on the roller on the production line; in flat glass and bricks line production and in storage line.


Business Unit of Pelosi Company, worldwide leader in the thermoplastic manufacturing thanks to a great experience achieved in 90 years of business.

In more detail EXTRUDINGSKILL produces thermoplastic extruded profile and offers a wide range of solutions that suit applications in several industrial application.

Compound is the seed from which our process starts. We can assure production of profiles in polyurethane, and not only, developing them starting from a sample or a sketch.

Pelosi transforms a project of your product in what you wish, using its knowledge of process production and materials in order to achieve the best outcome.

Extrudingskill products

Extrudingskill products


Pelosi produces extruded thermoplastic profiles and offers a wide range of solutions that suit appliactions in several industrial sectors. We can grant production of profiles in polyurethane, and not only, starting from a sample or a sketch. Pelosi transform the drawing of your product in what wish, making available to its knowledge of production processes and materials in order to achieve the best outcome.

EXTRUDINGSKILL extrudes compound in:

  • Thermoplastic polyuretahne
  • Thermoplastic PVC (flexible)
  • Mixed compound PVC/PU
  • Mixed compound PVC/PU/Rubber
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane foam
  • Additive materials (antistatic, conductive…)

These raw materials can be used in technical profiles in contact with oils, metals and where there is a strong friction in application. Besides, all material have a long elastic memory and can adapt themselves to any type of profile.

Application areas


Ceramic industry


Food industry






Marble industry


Glass industry


Paper / publishing


Mechanic industry


Wood industry

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