Cover for timing belts

The mechanical and chemical features of PELOSI belts together with the possibility of a wide range of backings in different materials make PELOSI belts ideal for all conveying applications where synchronization is required.

Polyurethane film backing (foil): Among all synthetic materials and rubber compounds, polyurethane is the material that offers the best resistance to abrasion. Polyurethane films of different thickness and different shore hardness, applied on PELOSI belts, are the ideal solution in many applications in the field of wood, ceramic and glass processing. On request it is possible to supply FDA approved polyurethane supports.

Polyurethane EVA backings: easily compressible APL Polyurethane, according to the cellular structure of the material. Thanks to this main feature, common applications are: labeling equipment, light and/or fragile materials conveying, glass and paper industry, vacuum conveyors.

PVC backings: PVC has a high coefficient of friction and a good resistance to acids. Thanks to its versatility, it is used in many applications in the paper, glass, ceramics, labeling and packaging industries. FDA quality allows the application in food industry processes.

Rubber backing: various synthetic and natural rubber supports are available. thanks to the high friction coefficient rubber and the resistance to high temperatures, PELOSI polyurethane belts with rubber backing are used in many different conveying application: paper industry, ceramic industry, wood processing industry, glass industry, labeling and packaging machines.

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