Polyclean Elastic Belts

POLYCLEAN: types of conveyor belts and with different sliding side surfaces. The increasing automation of industrial production processes and machines requires us as manufacturers to continuously evolve in the development of new products. Only if all components and their technical features are performing well can real improvements in efficiency, capacity and safety be achieved.

This is where the new “POLYCLEAN” monolithic elastic conveyor belts make an important contribution.

These products improve longevity and minimize risks such as delamination of layers or fraying of edges compared to conventional fabric covered conveyor belts.

Belts surfaces



Easy installation of POLYCLEAN elastic tapes due to their elasticity.

Butt welds can be performed with splicing equipment directly by the user, thus ensuring no quality loss on surface structure, homogeneity and elasticity in the splice

Excellent welding/application of accessories such as side panels, battens and V-rails



POLYCLEAN TECHCLEAN offers better belt cleaning thanks to its wavy surface. This facilitates the removal of product residues. In addition, POLYCLEAN TECHCLEAN allows for better product release, which especially simplifies product transfer to the next conveyor location.



To support regular cleaning and keep the number of bacteria on food contact surfaces under control, even during production hours, more and more machines and conveyors are being equipped with a UV-C disinfection device. The UV-C rays emitted can attack unprotected synthetic materials, such as conveyor belts. This results in brittleness and damage with discoloration of surfaces, compromising sanitary standards. Therefore, we provide UV-C protected tapes to ensure longevity and food safety under such circumstances.



Some sensitive applications or process elements (such as measuring or control units) could be affected by the electrical charge that builds up on conveyor belt surfaces. Therefore, we can provide products specifically equipped with antistatic discharge features to ensure smooth and trouble-free performance.


Ribbon design
No risk of contamination of exposed web fabrics or risk due to mechanical damage to web edges
The choice of a correct design is fundamental for a preventive design of machines where food hygiene safety is guaranteed.
Excellent microbial resistance.
Possibility of making a tape Metal detectable, X ray detectable, UV-C resistance, Antistatic.


Elastic monolithic conveyor belts are particularly advantageous in the various applications of transporting unpackaged food products.

In addition, the different surface finishes and special features contribute to the proper transport of different types of products that need to be handled.


  • Food (Fish, meat, poultry, fruit and vegetables, confectionery and bakery products)
  • Packaging (Food and non-food)
  • Pharmacy
  • Logistics
  • Material Handling


  • General conveying
  • Separation and acceleration
  • Weighing
  • Sorting
  • Portioning
  • Feeding
  • Cutting
  • Material detection

and many more

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