Polyurethane and PVC cleats

EXTRUDINGSKILL produces guides from special PVC and Polyurethane thermoplastic compounds in different hardness SH. A, giving high flexibility and resistance to abrasion and oils.

They have been designed to be perfectly compatible with the conveyor belt covers and are suitable to be applied by different vulcanizing systems like hot air and high-frequency, that guarantee a perfect and long-life holding, normally available in all fabrication workshop of PELOSI EXTRUDINGSKILL plants in Italy – Milano and Bergamo – or in Russia in Moscow.

Cleats, guide and sidewall can be used to solve some problems.
V Guide are used in transport where there are cross – strengths ( for example: loading/unloading lateral product); cleats are used when there is inclined handling, uphill or downhill, to facilitate transport of products; then, sidewall avoid side output of products.
Profiles can be added to conveyor and transmission belt ( in addition to notched belts) even to guarantee a right placement of products on the tape. Cleats , guides and sidewall are available in different sizes and materials that grant the widest suitability to peculiar needs of your applications.


  • Standard colors: white, blue, apple green, dark green, transparent black. Other colors can be supplied on demand with minimum quantity.
  • Minimum winding diameters: values indicated for standard, notched   and square guides have to be considered valid only if they are applied on the conveyor belt covers
  • In the case of counterflexion, the standard guides and square guides increase by 50% those values.
  • It is not advisable to use the notched guides applied longitudinally on the transport side. For the application of all profiles contact PELOSI EXTRUDINGSKILL Technical Service
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