Polyurethane round belt

ROUND BELTS EXTRUDINGSKILL are in Polyurethane and are characterized by high flexibility. They can be used as Transmission Belts or Conveyor.

Thanks to their elasticity, round belts can be used in conveyors without tensioner: this allows to have machines of a compact design.

The round belts show high characteristic of chemical resistance and resistance to hydrolysis is superior than those of standard polyurethane on the market. Extrudingskill round belt are resistant to oils and greases.

Thanks to granted size tolerance, extrudingskill round belts allow a uniform power transmission.

Different Shore hardness allow different production types of standard round belts, with polyester or Kevlar reinforcement and in the different compounds in ester or ether polyurethane. Thanks to these different features our belts can be used in several industries. Main sector for round belts remain the ceramic industry for production of tiles.


Thermo sealability of polyurethane allows a quick ring closure.

Extrudingskill supplies welding tools for high precision jointed on round belts of any size.


EXTRUDINSKILL includes a wide range of products with high performances and different types of raw material in order to grant the best technical solution in several applications.
For special applications our R&D team studies and develops innovations and solutions that suit the different needs in different transport systems.

Our products can be supplied with:

  • Special reinforcement (HFE high flexibility, HPL high performances, XHPL extreme performances , Inox – steel cable)
  • Aramidic fibres
  • Antistatic properties
  • Special colours
  • Belts with excellent resistance to high temperature
  • Suitability to food contact
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