Polyurethane V belt

EXTRUDINGSKILL supplies the widest range of thermoplastic polyurethane v belts on the market. High resistance and size precision make them essential for application where is required reliability.

Available flat, with polyester and Kevlar reinforced, with top cover in NBR rubber, PVC honeycomb, PU honeycomb and customized , several colors and hardness.

EXTRUDINGSKILL V Belts are available for movement production line start/stop and for packaging machines.

Other V SPECIAL Belts are suitable for ceramic/tiles painting.
Many of our belts have USDA/FDA/USDA/3A Dairy and CR certification for food contact.

EXTRUDINGSKILL offers specific equipment to weld its belts.


Thermowelding of polyurethane allows a quick welding endless. Extrudingskill supply welding tools for high precision jointed on round and V belts of any size.


  • Resistance to: water, greases and chemical products
  • Long-life and reliability
  • Significant sizes reduce vibrations and loss of control
  • The welded coatings (honeycomb) increase the grip or bring a benefit on the friction coefficient
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