Special and customized profiles

Special and customized profiles of EXTRUDINGSKILL are made with the same raw materials used for conveyors that made them strong and resistance to abrasion.

Extrudingskill is able to produce profiles accordingly to drawings, pipe and sheets in thermoplastic material for different industrial sectors.
Our production is characterized by great versatility and flexibility. The more demanding customers of Pelosi look not only for standard production on stock but also they ask us the production of their articles with peculiar characteristics and in required quantities.


Experience and TECHNOLOGY allow us to better evaluate our customer’s requests concerning their profile on draft. In this wide sector there are several applications of products that need peculiar feasibility project concerning materials and costs.
Our customers usually consult us with an idea to be realized and we try to suggest them the best solution according to the end-application of the profile to be extruded.
A Profile that rises from an idea and a technical sketch needs to be carefully evaluated in detail to be brought from theory to a functional and valid product that can be industrialized and commercialized.
That’s why experience is in this case a very important added value; our customers can take advantage of our 90 years history and experience to be sure of a product that is compliant with expectations and even more demanding market requirements.


Calendered sheet: by means of calendering we can impress different types of geometry to the sheet’s surface to obtain the necessary effect for the type of work they are going to perform.

The “supergrip” sheet is excellent as conveyor belts, the “multi V” sheet is perfect to be matched with other sheets or simply the smooth ones that can be equipped with our different cleats to create conveyor belts for several industries.


Do you want to realize an extrusion profile tailor made for you?

Send us the shape and the draw and we will be happy to realize your project.

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